Why Data Science in a coworking?

Surely you have heard a lot lately about Data Science. But why is it important, what benefits does it bring to our business, should we have a basic knowledge to be able to develop a company?

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Let’s start at the beginning: What is Data Science? Is a scientific discipline focused on the analysis of big data sources to extract information, understand reality and discover patterns with which to make decisions.
This can help companies organize and control all the variable aspects of an organization, such as costs, competition and the market. So, answering the questions we have raised in the introduction: yes, having knowledge about Data Science can help our business to run better.

In addition, this science can also help in the area of recruitment. In-house application processing and data-driven aptitude testing can help an organization’s human resources team to make faster and more accurate selections during the recruitment process, thus including in their work teams professional profiles that are more collated and adapted to the needs of each business.

Although not everyone has knowledge of Data Science, today there are many tools to learn more about this field of information. We can find schools dedicated to teaching, both individual and company level courses, to be able to take advantage of this field, in order to have knowledge to develop and take advantage of the different areas that are part of this technology conglomerate.

However, Data Science is still an emerging field within companies. The identification and analysis of large amounts of unstructured data can be too complex, costly and time-consuming for organizations without knowledge of the subject. This is why it is important to introduce methods that make it easier for employees and freelancers to learn these technological tools that can help so much in business development.

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This is the case of Nuclio Digital School, the business school of Nuclio’s venture builder, a startup incubator based in Barcelona, which has launched an e-book so that workers and students have access to these tools to help them in their professional projects. This e-book , created by 5 data experts and illustrated by Ricardo Cavolo, mixes art and technology to explain the ins and outs of Artificial Intelligence, which can be so beneficial for the development of companies.

And what does this have to do with CREC Coworking? In CREC Coworking we have companies and freelancers related to different professional areas. There are many professionals who choose to work from our facilities every day, and if you have ever worked with us, you will know that our coworkers are dedicated to work both related to the field of communication, through photography, to companies related to graphic design or web programming. As you can see, our coworkers have very varied professions, so through CREC Connect, they often find other coworkers with whom to carry out new projects together.

At CREC Coworking we are always looking for ways for you to successfully achieve your career goals, providing you with all kinds of tools. Now that Nuclio makes it easy for you, are you ready to take the next step in the digital revolution? Access the content and learn the most important things in the tech world!

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