Business transformation and its relevance to teleworking

Currently, digital transformation is a process that most companies are already taking into account and adapting to, as they have discovered in it great possibilities to obtain better results in all aspects.

This process has gone from being an option to a reality, driven by circumstances such as the adoption of teleworking. This model, whose use has spread as a result of the crisis generated by Covid-19, has allowed many companies to continue with their activity in the most complicated moments.

But to achieve the expected results, it is not enough just to want to telework or digitally transform our company. We must have a series of elements that allow us to put it into practice in a real and effective way. We tell you more about this below, read on!


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What is digital business transformation?


Before continuing with the topic at hand, it is important to know what exactly we mean when we talk about digitally transforming our company.

You may already know this term or maybe it is the first time you hear it. In any case, business transformation refers to a process aimed at getting companies to make use of new technologies in their daily tasks. The main consequence of achieving a successful business transformation is reflected in gaining a competitive advantage with an efficient use of our resources.

As in any process, checking that everything is being carried out as established is essential. For this reason, it is necessary to evaluate the executed strategy, since, sometimes, the evolution of new technologies is so fast that companies must rethink their way of working.


Telework seen as a challenge in business transformation


When a company starts its business transformation, it is very likely to adopt telework as one of the key elements in the process.

However, although this model offers great advantages, it is also true that it implies a series of risks and a great challenge, since the fact of offering an alternative to being on-site also implies the presence of powerful tools, especially communication tools.

As employees can work from anywhere, providing them with telework solutions with which they can communicate with the rest of the team as they would in the office is essential. And this is where digital transformation and the role of new technologies come into play.


Key factors for achieving true business transformation and successful teleworking



The ability to adapt to change is considered a key element for organizations seeking continuous learning and collaboration in telework situations. This helps digital transformation to be seen as an opportunity for change and a process that will bring great benefits.


Scalable technologies

Related to the above, it is important that the tools we use are scalable. That is, they must be able to adapt to the needs of the company at any time if they change.

To this end, it is important that those in charge of leading the business transformation process are capable of developing a long-term technological strategy, with systems that do not require large investments and whose implementation is simple.



To make the leap towards true business transformation through teleworking, it is essential that people must collaborate with each other. For this, as we said before, the communication tools we use will be key. Thus, it is necessary to have telephony systems for companies in the cloud.

These tools, as they operate over the Internet, simply require a device (computer, mobile or tablet) connected to the network. Once the service is up and running, they not only allow us to talk to our customers by voice, chat and video, but also, through the same channels, with the rest of the team. Thus, all members are connected, regardless of where they are.

Proper data management

When we start the business transformation process, we will realize that we are going to have to manage a large amount of data. This information will help us to make better decisions, but for this to become an opportunity and not an obstacle, it is essential to have tools such as a CRM. With it, we will be able to better organize and manage the data. And if we have the possibility of connecting all the systems together, so much the better.


CREC Coworking coworkers


In short, having the right tools and a unified team as part of our business transformation strategy will enable us to make this process a success, as well as to serve our customers more effectively and competitively.

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